Convert PDF to HTML preserving the original layout

convert PDF to HTML
use paper on the Internet
supports all the latest browsers
fully preserves the original layout
even tables look identical in HTML
creates links from article numbers
use paper catalogs for e-commerce

A wealth of features:
comprehensive user interface
no hassle with command line
creates links automatically
full page editor available
PDF to HTML converter
create, edit, reorder, remove pages
exchanges and replaces fonts
converts vector graphics to VML
converts vector graphics to gif
specially for product catalogs
automatic link generator
comprehensive link browser
bring paper on the Internet
Quark to HTML converter

Database publishing software:
Elepub database publishing software generates pages for paper, DTP and e-paper fully automatically from your database.

Free electronic product catalog
Download our free electronic product catalog software for distribution of paper catalogs on CD-ROM with integrated article database and ordering system. More...


New product announcement in June 2010:

We now have a much better solution: The new way of using PDF in Elecat
in the browser for the best possible use of PDF on the Internet! The main features:

  • Paper layout is fully preserved: 100% identical to PDF (just impossible in HTML)
  • Much better handling than PDF in a browser
  • Use paper catalogs for e-commerce in the broiwser - also at the POS
  • Searchable by Google and other bots through an HTML copy of the text content
  • Article numbers are automatically converted to links
  • Also suitable for any other PDF document beyond product catalogs
  • Currently in Beta phase (started 01.06.2010) - demo available here
  • All the rest of this website applies (but no more disadvantages inherent to HTML )
  • Profit from this much better technology: Page images, html and JavaScript
    embedded in HTML to make content fully searchable

Here you find all the details.

Now continue with the P2H content (but we do recomment the new product Elecat):

Clickcat-P2H is the professional PDF to HTML conversion software:

  • With Clickcat you convert PDF to HTML
  • Fully preserves the original page layout after PDF to HTML conversion
  • PDF to HTML converter even for complex tables with vertical and horizontal lines
  • Automatically adds links when converting PDF to HTML
  • Especially for product catalogs with article numbers converted to database links
  • Automatically converts vector graphics to compressed gif bitmaps
  • Based on CDF Catalog Data Format - the intelligent page object format
  • Converts PDF to HTML without needing any Adobe software.

You can finally use all your paper documents in native HTML on the Internet: simply convert them to PDF and Clickcat-P2H translates PDF to HTML preserving an identical look-and-feel. The Clickcat-P2H products provide an unusual wealth of functionalities and features, which go far beyond what other conversion tools can offer. It is a professional PDF to HTML translator.

New: navigation modules allow for quick and simple navigation in converted HTML pages. See the sample paper catalogs in HTML here...

With this PDF to HTML converter you can even modify and optimize pages for the Internet and enhance their functionality by automatically adding database links.page-index More...

Features of the last version

  • No Adobe software needed - new version reads native PDF files
  • Full support for MS Explorer and Netscape and other browsers
  • Four navigation modules included
  • Very comprehensive help system (+200 pages)
  • Can optionally generate HTML without any vector graphics (you choose)
  • Comes with prepared sample data in PDF, CDF and article database
  • Improved conversion of vector graphics to gif
  • Simplified handling of conversion settings

Free electronic product catalog
Use our free electronic product catalog software to distribute paper catalogs on CD-ROM with integrated article database and ordering system. More...

Easy use of paper on the Internet  
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Clickcat P2H new version
1. June 2010