Totally new and much better product June 2010:

We soon have a very much better solution: The conversion of PDF to Flash in Elecat
for the best possible use of PDF on the Internet! The main features:

  • Paper layout is fully preserved: 100% identical to PDF (just impossible in HTML)
  • Much better handling than PDF in a browser
  • Use paper catalogs for e-commerce in the broiwser - also at the POS
  • Searchable by Google and other bots through an HTML copy of the text content
  • Article numbers are automatically converted to links
  • Also suitable for any other PDF document beyond product catalogs
  • Currently in Beta phase (started 01.06.2010) - demo available here
  • All the rest of this website applies (but no more disadvantages inherent to HTML )
  • Profit from this much better technology: Page images, html and JavaScript
    embedded in HTML to make content fully searchable

Here you find all the details.

Now continue with the P2H content:

B2B e-commerce with paper catalogs
In the past, anyone wishing to start in e-commerce had to first have a database containing all the data, descriptions and pictures of the products offered, in the same way in which they are contained in the paper catalogues. Such a database, however, is almost never available, and to produce one is both very expensive and time-consuming, especially for dealers with a comprehensive product range. It is therefore only logical to use the contents and layout of existing paper catalogues for B2B e-commerce. Because only paper catalogues already contain all the data required.

Using printed paper catalogues for e-commerce on the Internet starts a new era in B2B e-commerce. Clickcat-P2H is especially capable of converting entire product catalogs to HTML for use on the Internet or in an e-commerce system. Your carefully created paper layout is almost exactly preserved and article numbers and page number are automatically converted to links.

This is the most important speciality of the Clickcat-P2H software series: article numbers and pages are automatically converted to HTML links so that users can select articles from an HTML page by simply clicking onto the article number. This link initiates any kind of further processing or action provided by your e-commerce software such as an access to a database record on your webserver.

Page and article number hyperlinks are typically created absolutely automatically without any manual intervention!

This enables the conversion of layout originally designed in DTP software such as Quark Xpress, InDesign or Pagemaker to be used on the Internet in HTML. Your valuable paper catalogs will appear on the Internet just the way they do on paper.

Please see our sample pages, which represent some typical examples from the several 10.000 pages, which we have converted from PDF into HTML as a service.

The format question
If you prefer pages on the Internet NOT be in the same format as they are on paper, you can "optimize" pages for a typical screen size and resolution using the Clickcat-P2H page editor.

Advanced Clickcat-P2H versions are capable of splitting one paper page into two or more HTML pages, which are thereby optimized for smaller screen sizes and resolutions. This is achieved by a simple and very quick manual interaction using the special Clickcat-P2H editor, and it is in any case substantially quicker than reformatting layout from scratch for the Internet.

See the screenshots here.

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