This PDF to HTML converter software is based on CDF, the Catalog Data Format

The CDF Catalog Data Format is the basis of and precondition for the Clickcat PDF to HTML conversion software, because the features and benefits of Clickcat could not be achieved with any other existing data format.

Here are some of the many aspects in which CDF Catalog Data Format differs from all other existing data format:

  • CDF visualized pages from intelligent autonomous page components (objects)
  • CDF page components unite in one object attributes from three otherwise separate areas:
    • data - as in databases
    • format - as in DTP software
    • behavior - as in some application software.
  • CDF Catalog Data Format is capable of storing any data type no matter how complex
  • CDF is updatable, i.e. changes can be added to logically overwrite previous content
  • CDF contains many different ways of linking objects with one another