Totally new and much better product June 2010:

We soon have a very much better solution: The conversion of PDF to Flash in Elecat
for the best possible use of PDF on the Internet! The main features:

  • Paper layout is fully preserved: 100% identical to PDF (just impossible in HTML)
  • Much better handling than PDF in a browser
  • Use paper catalogs for e-commerce in the broiwser - also at the POS
  • Searchable by Google and other bots through an HTML copy of the text content
  • Article numbers are automatically converted to links
  • Also suitable for any other PDF document beyond product catalogs
  • Currently in Beta phase (started 01.06.2010) - demo available here
  • All the rest of this website applies (but no more disadvantages inherent to HTML )
  • Profit from this much better technology: Page images, html and JavaScript
    embedded in HTML to make content fully searchable

Here you find all the details.

Now continue with the P2H content:

Clickcat-P2H Product details

Clickcat-P2H is a series of software products translating PDF to HTML while preserving the original page layout to the best technically possible. This PDF to HTML converter software brings paper onto the Internet and retains the original page layout as designed in DTP software almost exactly after the conversion from PDF to HTML even for complex layout structures and for tables. Clickcat-P2H really is a translator for PDF to HTML. It converts layout originally designed in DTP software such as Quark Xpress, InDesign or Pagemaker to HTML for use on the Internet with the original layout in your company’s corporate design.

A wealth of features
The Clickcat-P2H products were developed as part of the Clickcat software, a much larger, still ongoing database publishing software project, which is beeing developed for large corporate customers. Therefore, the Clickcat-P2H products provide an unusual wealth of funtionality and features, which goes far beyond what other convertion tools can offer. There is even a full page browser available, several assistant programs to optimize the HTML code and tools to re-order the pages or to create new pages from existing layout.

The most important speciality is in the automatic creation of links from article numbers and page numbers. This feature enables the use of existing paper catalogs on the Internet, which were originally designed in DTP software for use on paper, as part of an e-commerce.

Converting documents and product catalogs from PDF to HTML
Clickcat-P2H is especially capable of converting product catalogs from PDF to HTML for use in an e-commerce system. Article numbers and page numbers are automatically converted to HTML links so that users can select articles by simply clicking onto the article number, which initiates some further processing or action provided by your software.

Various versions
There are several different versions of the Clickcat-P2H products available, which differ in the supported features and options. Use the demo version to test all features of the most advanced Clickcat-P2H version, and then decide which version you need for your particular project.

Automatic link creation
The more advance versions of this PDF to HTML converter include a link generator and/or a link browser, which are used to create and edit article number and page hyperlinks. These links make your catalog pages fully usable on the Internet and provide any desired processing, which is started when the user clicks one of these links. It is a perfect PDF to HTML translator software fully retaining the original layout.

Full page editor
Even more advanced P2H versions of this PDF conversion software come with a full page editor, which can be used to edit, to completely change pages and their order within a publication. Also, new pages can be created from existing layout, or special pages in Internet browser size can easily be created from paper format pages still retaining the original layput, but decomposing one paper page into several smaller, independent HTML pages.

Please see the products page for a detailed feature list of the various versions.


PDF Import

PDF import screenshot


HTML generator

HTML generator screenshot


Page editor


Link generator

Link generator screenshot


Link browser


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