Announcement June 2009:

We soon have a very much better solution: The conversion of PDF to Flash in Elecat
for the best possible use of PDF on the Internet! The main features:

  • Paper layout is fully preserved: 100% identical to PDF (just impossible in HTML)
  • Much better handling than PDF in a browser
  • Searchable by Google and other bots through an HTML copy of the text content
  • Article numbers are automatically converted to links (like shown here in P2H)
  • If you leave us your email address now, you will get:
    • A free license of the basic version (without article number conversion)
    • 50% to 70% discount on all other versions (prices will be on same level)
    • Free updates for two years
  • Scheduled for fall 2009 - demo available very soon
  • All the rest of this website applies (but no more disadvantages inherent to HTML )
  • Profit from this much better technology: Flash and JavaScript embedded in HTML to make content fully searchable (not possible in normal Flash)

Here you find all the details. Register to profit from this unique offer : 50-70% rebate!

Now continue with the P2H content:

Feature list for the Clickcat PDF-to-HTML converter software products:

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Version..-> P2H-L02 P2H-L05 P2H-L10 P2H-L20 P2H-L30 P2H-L40 P2H-
degrading pictures to very low resolution
imports PDF into CDF (Catalog Data Format)
automatically generates HTML files from CDF
automatically links page numbers to HTML pages
conversion of vector graphics to VML for lines and vectors
index page with links to and page titles of all generated pages
navigation pack - four navigation modules for user navigation in HTML pages
imports article numbers
replace fonts and characters in generated HTML
add keywords to generated HTML code
automatically links article numbers to imported article numbers in database
automatically generates HTML files with links to articles in database and pages
generate high-res pictures
add multi-lingual keywords separately per page to generated HTML code
automatically resize pictures to fit frame bounds
optimize and scale HTML code for different screen resolutions
link editor allows to manually create and edit all links and offers substantial assistance in these tasks
automatically converts several or many neighboring vector graphics to one compact gif file
allows editing objects on pages
allows to add, move, copy, paste or remove objects
allows to create new pages, remove pages and re-order pages
allows to semi-automatically split pages from paper format
into several smaller pages for optimized use on the Internet

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